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Bernard Coffey

Bernard Coffey is a hard man to forget, and not just because his name is synonymous with how many of us start off every day.


Bernard is a dynamic man, who has risen to the occasion everywhere he’s been.  From his time as an athlete, to serving in the military, to being a father, and to being a spokesman & advocate for the men and women that have given so much.


Yes Bernard is a veteran, but his dedication to this cause does not stem only from his bond with his veteran brothers and sisters.  He is committed because he believes in community and that has always been his number one priority.


While his commitment is more than enough, it is not all he brings to the table.  His diversity and leadership makes him the perfect fit for this self-appointed task.  His experience includes, but is not limited to:


  • Heading the Military Welfare Recreation in the Navy

  • Being a Kickboxer and Sports Trainer.

  • Being a Popular Football and Baseball player in high school.

  • Teaching Zumba, Hip Hop, and Club Ballroom dancing.

  • A Member of the Military Police

  • Trained and Certified by the Military and Department of Defense in Anti-Terrorism and Rescue Swimming.

  • Has a CFC in Refrigeration

  • Has a Mechanical Training Certificate

  • Career in Construction (Construction Manager, Blue Print & Document Reading, Facility Manager)

  • Real Estate

  • Electrician’s Mate in the Navy

  • Former Engineer at the University of Chicago

  • Certified in Leadership Development and Youth Mentoring

  • Insurance Provider

  • Creator of a Boot Camp Fitness Program

  • Coached Football at the College and Semi-pro levels

  • Provided Therapeutic Ballroom dancing for Veterans and people with disabilities.


If that wasn’t enough, he now wears multiple hats as the owner of The Veteran Show;  Executive Account Manager; and on air radio host on Fox Sports Radio WBIG 1280 AM,  on Thursdays 3:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  This is just another way that he gives back to his brothers and sisters.

Robert Jones Jr.

Robert Jones Jr. brings more than 18 years of experience in the field of sales and account management. He has extensive experience in several industries such as telecommunications, construction, radio promotions and campus recruitment. Robert has worked for companies of diverse size and customer demographic. He has successfully managed clientele from all walks of life. His most recent experience was at Starbuck's as a Store Manager. Prior to working at Starbuck's, Robert worked for Imagine Learning, Clear Channel Radio, Staples Communications, Danley's Construction Company, Pagenet Telecommunications, and DePaul University. Robert has established a proven track record of sales excellence and has received various awards and honors. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from DePaul University.


In addition to his professional and academic credentials, Robert is also a former professional baseball player and has a  continued love for sports. One of Robert’s greatest passions is to see young aspiring athletes achieve their highest potential. He acts as an informal mentor and athletic career coach to several professional and collegiate athletes.


Robert has been married to Karen Jones for over 23 years and is the proud father to Carl, Cessily, Khristia and Robert T. Jones III. Robert’s children have adopted his great love for sports, so he spends much of his leisure time supporting their athletic endeavors.

Shawn Hibbard

Shawn Hibbard of H.O.P.E. Park

H.O.P.E. Park and the Bernard Coffey Veterans Foundation partner to bring opportunties to veterans in areas of counseling, business growth opportunities, and ways of media advertising to foster the advancement of veterans reintegration and success into the community and corporate America.

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