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 The Bernard Coffey Veterans Foundation is a 501(c) (3) that is dedicated to offering ongoing support and resources for our Veterans, Military, their families and the Community.


We want to make sure our veterans are taken care of by providing resources for them.  These men and women serve their country sacrificially and return home to deal with the challenges created during their time of service, challenges created from being away, or often both.  Many of these transitioning Veterans have returned with post-traumatic stress disorders, traumatic brain injuries and or substance abuse issues.  TBCVF was organized to provide an array of support services, residential services to homeless veterans and military, as well as offer supportive service intervention.  We are committed to helping them overcome these challenges.


It is our goal to connect the veterans to jobs (whether they are traditional jobs or jobs tailored to their abilities) and living arrangements. We place a strong emphasis on the men and women that have been displaced from their homes. We also help provide veterans with resources and training to start their own business, helping them to become independent.


It's our way of giving back to those who have given so much.


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4th Annual
17 Mile Walk for Suicide Awareness & Prevention
April 26, 2019 
Leaving at 8:00am from Downtown Naperville walking to Hines VA.
Tyrone Poole, 14 year NFL Career and 2 time New England Patriots Super Bowl Champion will be walking to support our veterans, military, first responders, the community at large, as well as TP 38 Foundation.

Roughly 17 - 22 veterans a day commit suicide nationwide, according to new data from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Bernard Coffey Veteran's Foundation is raising the Suicide Awareness & Prevention with our 17 Mile Walk Campaign throughout 50 States and participating countries of our military members. 

For any questions and to register for the Nationwide 17 Mile Walk for Veterans and Military Suicide Awareness & Prevention on April 26, 2019, email us at bcoffey@tbcvf.org. REGISTRATION COST IS $37.50 USD OR CREDIT CARDS. Please arrive promptly at 7:00 am to receive your purchased t-shirt and to receive instructions. The walk will begin at 8:00 am. conclude at 3:00 pm Volunteers are needed. 


Please find us on eventbrite.com by searching 17 Mile Nationwide Suicide Awareness & Prevention Walk


Last year more than 17,383 participants nationwide and also Japan and Canada, participated in the walk in their prospective areas. Thus, making us a global movement for suicide awareness & prevention. The suicide rates have dropped from 22 to roughly 17 veterans a day. This is due to not only our organization, but others as well, spreading awareness of suicide & prevention. As we continue to empower our veterans, military and the community at large, we are making a difference. We will continue our efforts to do so on April 26, 2019!

The Bernard Coffey Veterans Foundation is a 501(c) (3). Contributions to The Bernard Coffey Veterans Foundation are tax-deductible to the extent permitted under state and federal law. 

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